As part of our committed service to both buyers and sellers, The Zoe Napier Group offers and recommends the services of trusted third-party professionals in the following fields:

  • Mortgages & Associated insurances
  • Auction Services
  • Rural Planning Consultants
  • Architects and Designers
  • RICS Surveyors
  • Legal services
  • Removal Services
  • Energy Performance Certificates
  • Floorplans
  • Fencing Specialists

The Zoe Napier Group confirms that they will not prefer one purchaser above another solely because he/she has agreed to accept the offer of any other service through The Zoe Napier Group.

The Zoe Napier Group prefers not to receive referral fees (* with the exceptions below) but does accept gratuities from some of the Companies who choose to advertise in their bi-annual in-house magazine. The gratuities (by way of taking an advertisement) range from £300 to £1000 per annum. The third-party services which we recommend will set out their own terms of business with a client, prior to carrying out any work.

* Except for our preferred Independent Mortgage Broker who will pay The Zoe Napier Group a commission of up to (and no more than) £500 for a successful mortgage referral. This fee is shared out of our preferred broker’s standard commission fees and therefore should not otherwise affect the consumer.
* The Energy Performance Certificates and some floorplans are commissioned on behalf of the seller, who may pay upfront for these services.

Related Sales & Auction Services

In addition, The Zoe Napier Group may act for a buyer who wishes to purchase from us and where the seller is already a client. We will advise the existing client/seller of our intentions to act for the buyer. We further confirm that no preferential treatment will be given to such buyers because they are using the services of The Zoe Napier Group.

Selling at Auction. The Zoe Napier Group recommends a third-party auction company. The auctioneer’s fee is shared (usually on a moiety basis) but of no more than 50% to the introducing agent (in this case, The Zoe Napier Group) and is paid under and out of the terms of the auctioneer’s contract.

Completion of this agreement allows The Zoe Napier Group to obtain commission from other parties during any transaction with you, or at any time after completion of the sale.